Argentinian Superstar Guillermo Francella in his most Audacious Performance to Date!

A film by Armando Bo
Cast: Guillermo Francella, Carla Peterson, Gloria Carrá

Argentina, Spain / 2019 / 113 min / Drama / Not Rated

In Spanish with English Subtitles

From Director Armando Bo, Oscar-Winner for Best Screenplay (BIRDMAN)

Antonio is a middle-aged family man with traditional views and a high-ranking job title. He has lived firmly by the rules instilled within him by his parents and grandparents and has no intention of reevaluating his priorities until he is shaken to his core by an extreme situation. Antonio is forced to set aside his beliefs and his limited understanding of life, as he strives to follow his most primal of instincts.

Armando Bo’s thought-provoking and darkly comic thriller has been praised for the excellent performance of Guillermo Francella as Antonio, and the boldness of its screenplay.


Written by: Nicolás Giacobone, Armando Bo 
Produced by: Patricio Alvarez Casado, Milagros Roque Pitt, Cindy Teperman, Axel Kuschevatzky, Pierluigi Gazzolo, Armando Bo
Cinematography: Javier Juliá
Music: Pedro Onetto
Editing: Pablo Barbieri

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